Covid19: Kannywood laments over the dead of Abba Kyari

 Following the announcement on Friday evening from the Presidency which discloses the demise of the Federal Government’s chief of staff, Malam Abba Kyari who died of coronavirus few weeks after tested positive, the entire morning of Saturday wakes with the posts on social media platform lamenting the big lost especially the assemblages of the Kannywood film industry, including actors, singers, script writers, and film directors. Expressing their condolences and sympathies actors including Ali Nuhu known as the king of kannywood, Abba El-mustapha, Ibrahim Maishinku, Hafsat Idriss, Nuhu Abdullahi, Shamsu Dan Iya, Teema Makamashi, and director including Aminu Saira as well as film producer Abdul Amart are part of the first series of Kannywood film makers whose messages begin to dominate the social media this morning, plunging into grieving statements and melancholy with the prayers for the deceased.
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