The Nigeria's northerners and obnoxious regard for the Hausa writers – by Musaddam Idriss Musa

In Nigeria, any local litterateur could expect to become a derision to the supercilious English grandiloquence who pretense to be more cerebral than others. This folk of people with a frivolous attitude toward their lingos are incontrovertibly having their brains inverted brimming with superficiality of the whites. This might sound grievous I know but I just can't hesitate to be in the shibboleth of denying to call a spade a spade to repudiates the irrational outlook by our neighbors (English writers) who are intoxicated with the admiration of what they are unconnected with thinking they're wiser and most regarded individuals.

It's prima facie that those obtuse sophisticated wordy-wise blasé reckons thought that only dunderheaded, birdbrained and English slow-witted individuals opt for writing in their lingoes especially the northern Hausa writers. This fabulous view that holds and of course blindfolded them lead to their desertification from making a justifiable panorama to people like me who are in the first place non-Hausa . as well as multilingual men of letters.

It's very unfortunate that this prideful snobs or rather airheaded sages failed to understand that ability to write in English doesn't measure the level of one's intellects they should also consider that it's not for all northern communities that English served as a second language because millions of Nigerians from north (myself not in exception) learn to read and write Hausa alongside the English in schools. We look at both the two languages as extraneous and consider them 'officials' since we learned them in school. Albeit our common affiliation with Hausa being it our second language sometimes seemed to make us envisaged English as "alien", and this same feeling also exist to certain people when talking of Hausa language. So the point raised here is to help clear the incomprehension of the people that are writing Hausa as being inept of writing in English.

There is no doubt that certain Hausa writers could write in English far more better than those deriding our brains it's just that writing in English cost nothing to us (although there are people like me who are not even bilingual but multilingual writers). We believe that a Hausa writer is coequal to English writer; none of them is superior to the other. Especially, we the non-Hausa speakers, we consider both as lingua fracas and that which we officially learned from schools as well as for the fact that both are not our lingos.

So disrespecting a Hausa writer is one and the same to showing your shortage of exposure and interfaces with the outside world.
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