The Novel: 'Throes of Agony' - Chapter One

By Musaddam Idriss Musa 

Chapter One
It was around half past ten of Monday morning and was the time for breakfast. Most of the girls at Maryo Queens College were on the school field, playing happily with friends and classmates under the delightful sun of the later summer which shone brightly over in the sky. Some sat in groups on the ground discussing and telling stories with colleagues; and some others happened to be busy buying and sharing things of their interest. 
Aisa, who sat on the veranda next to their classroom with her both hands under her chin, was staring morosely into space. She was so engrossed in thought that she barely realized who passed by her front or the things her colleagues were doing in the playing field.
The eighteen years old Aisa was quiet and good natured. She was slim with soft fair complexion and a smooth, round reflecting face. She has very dark silky long hair which always fell across her shoulders. She has incredibly long abundant eyebrows with very long thick eyelashes which bend over at the edge, partially revealing a pair of her beautiful reflecting eyes which sparkled like azure pools in the morning sunlight. Her long, delicate nose matched her refined sensibilities. She has a small thin-lipped mouth and her voice was as soft and kind as summer rain.
Aisa was a cheerful child and smiled a lot, revealing a set of well-ordered milk-white teeth and a pair of dimples on both sides of her face. She is not too short and not that too tall; her height is moderate and people usually called her ‘bilan’’.
It seemed obvious this time that something went wrong for the poor girl, as she sat desolately for some minutes; brooding over her plight. Suddenly! She felt a hand touched her from behind. She quickly turned over her face frightened then a bemused smile broke on her face on seeing Malecka her best friend. 
“Aisa what are you doing here alone? I have been looking for you since…” said Malecka “…let’s go and play with our colleagues, they are having much fun playing in the field’ she added while giving her hand to Aisa. 
“No Malecka, I don’t feel like playing today” Aisa replied bemusedly.
 “Why won’t you play my dear?” Malecka asked worryingly. 
“I am not feeling fine.” Aisa replied shortly.
 “Oh sorry, did you go to the dispensary?” asked Malecka staidly. 
“Not at all, it’s just a little headache and I took some medicine before coming to school” Aisa answered assuredly. 
“Alright, I wish you a very quick recovery” said Malecka solicitously. 
“Thank you, my dear” said Aisa benignly. 
“Let us go to the class, I kept our food there and it is getting cold already.” Malecka suggested. 
She gave hand to Aisa and helped her to get up then they walked to their class together while Malecka continued to show Aisa how she felt sorry for her being her only best friend in the whole school.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

After they ate the food brought by Malecka, they still remained in their classroom sitting on the class bench. Malecka took her bag from the ground to her writing desk, then looking at Aisa she said, “Close your eyes and see the surprise I have for you.”
Aisa knowing much about her friend smiled and without uttering a word, just took her palms and spread them on her face while deliberately letting out her eyes half-opened. Malecka noticed it immediately and laughed at her.
“You want to do me ojoro wallahi!” she yelled, “…I can see that you are looking, thinking you are smart.” She added giving her a friendly pat on her back.
Aisa laughed elatedly and opened her face, “I just did what you asked me to…” she replied, “…don’t you see how tightly I shut my eyes.” She added teasingly.
“No, you are lying.” Malecka interrupted and they laughed, “Now, turn your back and looked at that angle.” She added pointing to the direction with her finger.
Aisa turned her back facing the other direction while Malecka quickly brought out two new pair sets of calculators from her school bag and said, “Now, you can turn back and see what I have for you.” Aisa turned back fronting Malecka and to her amazement saw the two calculators but she couldn’t utter a word. She kept her mouth wide open in confusion looking at her friend while expecting a clarification from her.
“Which do you like?...” asked Malecka, “…my father bought them for the two of us yesterday, after I tell him that Mr. Abare, the mathematics teacher had asked us each to get one.” She explained.
“But I think the teacher said one is okay for a girl. And you…”
“I know what you mean…” Malecka interrupted. “It’s for me and you, can’t you hear!” she laughed, “…take this it’s is more beautiful.” She handed it to her.
“I can’t thank you enough Malecka, you are so dearest to me. Nagóduko gám may God continue to bless you.” Said Aisa after taking a deep, long breath of relief, “…and don’t forget to give my thanks to your father, please.”

“Never mind, I’ll do that dear.” Malecka replied.
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